Effective Risk Management begins with our expert knowledge. InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc. offers services to effectively lower the potential risks in the workplace and in business practices. We have a dedicated Tiered Service Team available to assist clients with the reduction of risks and exposures.

We are your partner in LOWERING your Workers’ Compensation Costs and improving Workplace Culture.

Our Story

InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc. is a Risk Management company operating in Northern California since 2007.  We specialize in changing the workplace culture through our coaching approach and driving down the Experience Modification Rate.  We are recommended by large Brokerage Firms for our aggressive incident response program, which includes triage service and aggressive claims management.  We have a great track record with the National Workers’ Compensation Carriers and help provide the narrative that makes our clients a “good” risk.

We offer a “Tiered” service structure where we provide a Safety Director, Safety Manager, and Safety Coordinator for less than the cost of a full time employee.  With our Business Model, everyone has a role which makes us effective and efficient.

Our Services

COVID-19 Response

Open your business up SAFELY.  Let us provide you the tools to protect your employees, customers, and vendors.  Our APP Technology utilize the QR Code to allow individuals to use their own smartphones to conduct their Daily Screenings.  Flagged response are sent in real time.  We also assist with COVID-19 Testing and Temperature Screenings.  We begin by developing a control program that meets your County Health Orders.

Risk Management Consultation

We are NOT Safety Officers!  We do not visit your jobsite just to create a laundry list of things to correct.  Our Risk Management Consultants are “Coaches”.  They are there to make your team better and safer.  We make suggestions that are specific to your operations and trade.  We earn the worker’s respect and trust by demonstrating the knowledge of the trade and the full understanding of a worker’s process.  We not only correct specific site safety issues, but we correct processes and procedures to make the company safer.

Our clients are our best sales team.  All of our work to date have been from client referrals.  We currently have a 95% client retention rate.

Ex Mod Reduction

Most employers inherit a high Experience Modification (ExMod) Rate and suffer from it’s financial impacts due to errors made in Risk Management and Claims Processing which ultimately result in HIGH Premiums.  Aside from the Risk Management Preventative services we provide, we also provide to our clients an ExMod Reduction Program.  We have solid relationships with Triage Vendors, Insurance Adjustors, and Medical Provider Networks, that allows us to aggressively manage your incidents.  We DO NOT process the claim, we manage it.  That’s where our value is.  We have been credited for saving our clients an average of $400,000 in annual premium and $1 Million in Reserve Reduction.


Our Training Classes are interactive learning.  We provide hands on training and practical tests to ensure your workers understand how to apply what they learn.  We take on a behavioral based approach by allowing students to really get a feel of the situation in a controlled manner.  Our instructors will make sure each student walk away with a better understanding of why their safety is priority.  Reach out to us for your training needs.

Technology APP

Our Technology APP provides the safety resources at the fingertips of your employees.  We provide hard hat stickers, safety badges, and posters with QR Codes so that employees can quickly access important Safety Information.  We utilize this platform for Communication, Feedback, Incentive Program, COVID-19, and Employee Training.  Let us customize a Safety Portal for you.  We have the flexibility to create a portal that can incorporate other daily activities beyond Safety to make your operation more efficient.  It’s a ONE STOP shop for your employees.  Rolling out NEW information and policies will be a breeze with one location to update.  Streamline the process and let us help.


“Thanks so much to InFocus Safety for keeping our company in tip top safety shape. Especially in times like these, we appreciate their level of dedication to field safety.

InFocus offers a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise in safety management. Our field safety truly benefits from the vast amount of insight they have to offer. Thanks for all your wisdom, guys!

InFocus Safety continues to be unbelievably helpful with their expertise in safety field. If you’re serious about your company’s field safety, InFocus is the #1 choice!”

Gabrielle R. Lucatero

General Manager, Accurate Firestop & Insulation

“We have been partnering with INFOCUS as our safety consultant since 2018. They have done a tremendous job for Can-Am Plumbing as our “eyes and ears” on our multiple construction projects. Khoi and his team have helped to teach, train and improve our jobsite safety dramatically by bringing new ideas and a fresh approach to our safety program. We look forward to having INFOCUS as our exclusive safety consultant in the years ahead.”

Ron Capilla

President, Can-Am Plumbing Inc.

“As the Vice President of Construction at ConXTech, I’d like to give you the name of a firm that has greatly helped me provide a World Class Safety Program, InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc. InFocus has delivered practical safety advice, gained my long-term trust, and created unique safety plans and programs for a wide variety of my company’s specific operations. 

InFocus helped our business by pointing out that we could achieve a better Safety Culture through training our workers to choose to work safely. All of their programs evolve around behavioral training, empowering the workers to take safety into their own hands. Our company’s success is evident when our workers are applying their safety habits at home and at work. InFocus showed us that workers who choose to work safely will always do so even when their supervisors are not present.

What sets InFocus apart from other consultants I’ve used in the past is their ability to carefully listen to our priorities and discover what our needs are on individual projects. They always make themselves available and find cost-cutting methods to help us save money. One of InFocus’ unique business practices is to charge a flat fee, customized for each client’s safety needs. This fee gives their clients access to InFocus consultants and resources for one year without additional costs.

I highly recommend that you contact InFocus Safety Solutions for your company’s safety needs.

TJ Simmons

VP Construction/General Manager, ConXtech

InFocus Safety has been an invaluable service to our company. We have consulted them on many occasions throughout the years. Recently, InFocus Safety revamped our safety program from the bottom up. An effective safety program involves commitment from employees up to the executive level. From executive team meetings to personally leading field employees, I strongly recommend Khoi as a Safety Director. InFocus Safety will bring insurance loss control, regulatory compliance and safety culture management; through their innovative and customized approach to safety culture that suits the modern construction workforce.

Tony Tu

Compliance Officer, Cal Pacific Systems

“We started working with InFocus right when I opened my modular construction facility in Oakland. The team was great from the beginning and we quickly figured out the efficient way of organizing safe work environment on the floor. They covered safety trainings and all required certifications including machinery, equipment as well as OSHA Compliance for my team. It’s a pleasure to be InFocus customer”

Anton Glance

Director, Automated Manufacturing

“Hi Khoi! As we’re going into the Christmas holiday, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and your team for making such a huge positive contribution to our company!  In just half of a year, we have come so far! I feel like we have finally found someone that shares our same vision and the passion and persistence to keep our goals in focus!  Your company lives up to its name. 🙂 Thank you for everything!  Hopefully we get to keep working together for many years to come!”

Alisha Mazzucco

Senior VP of Operations, GB Group

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