Loss Control Surveys

Educational Campus


Schools are safe places for children. Safety is always the number one priority on any campus. Our Loss Control approach is focused on the exposures that are created during school hours.

Kids will be kids, we have to predict what they will do. Teachers walking down a hallway filled with backpacks will increase the likelihood of tripping on a backpack strap. Our Loss Control efforts will create solutions such as hooks on the halls to get these trip hazards off the floor.

Walking down a flight of stairs during lunch hours can be an adventure for any new teacher. Kids will push, squeeze by, and cut through. A surprised teacher in high heels may be at risk of falling.

InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc. understands the risks associated with a school campus. Our surveys will focus on hazards associated with Liability and Worker's Compensation. We work with your Underwriter to help them understand the risks involved.