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Construction Contractors

At InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc., we recognize that every business operates differently and has unique risks. For this reason, our team will work closely with you to develop an effective, realistic, and attainable service plan that is design specifically for your operation. Our consultants will take an in-depth look at your contractor's equipment and the operators, so that you can better prevent accidents. If accidents do occur, our consultants will help you prepare and manage them so that they will have less costly impact to your business. Our Loss Control services start with an in-depth analysis of your loss history, to identify loss trends and high risk areas. We dig deep to get a better understanding of where and how these losses occurred. From there, we help pinpoint the root cause of accidents and formulate preventative strategies.


Workplace safety is recognized by Manufacturing Companies as a much needed program. Companies invest a significant amount of money into their safety programs, expecting to see a return on their investment. Unfortunately, achieving a reduction in workplace accidents does not solely depend on how well a safety program is written. When companies don't see the return on their investment, they typically rewrite or buy a different safety program, expecting it would deliver the intended results.

InFocus believes that all well written safety programs are designed to work and that companies who continuously change the program is simply wasting money. Our unique approach will bring the energy necessary to make any well written program work. We will motivate, coach, and train the workforce.


Grocery supermarkets provide a vital service to the American public today and are a major source of employment in the United States. The efforts of grocery store managers and employees, along with their insurance partners have reduce the numbers of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses. However, there are thousands of workers still injured on the job each year. OSHA lists that overexertion, bodily reaction, and repetitive motions are three of the top ten causes of workplace injuries.

InFocus is very knowledgable of the specific hazards associated with the supermarket. We address safety hazards in specific areas of the supermarket such as the backroom, the bakery/deli, and the meat market. We provide training to employees as well as ergonomic evaluations.

Non-Profits, Schools, and Hotels

Non-Profits, Schools, and Hotels are ever changing businesses. The exposures and hazards changes daily, depending on the visitors/guests/students, and the activities. Businesses such as these should have a Loss Control Consultant on speed dial. Having a qualified Loss Control Consultant available to provide guidance quickly is ideal for these types of businesses. InFocus has been credited for providing quick valuable guidance. We partner with our clients well.