Loss Control Surveys

Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing businesses are an occupancy class that has inherent hazard due to the use of flammable and combustible materials. These materials are used during the manufacturing process, which includes machining, painting, welding, etching, and cleaning. The potential for fire due to the use of heat sources and the presence of flammables requires strict adherence to fire safety codes. Our Loss Control Consultants can identify the potential hazards and audit its compliance status as it applies to the fire safety codes.

Employees are faced with many hazards in a Manufacturing environment. They are surrounded by machines with moving parts, energized equipment, overhead cranes, and chemicals. These are all Risks that can increase the chance of employee injuries. Knowing and identifying the proper controls can help reduce and eliminate these exposures.

At InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc., our Loss Control Consultants conducts surveys to address property hazards, worker safety hazards, equipment hazards, and business interruptions for our preferred Brokers & Agents, Carriers, and Owners.

We specialize in providing Loss Control Surveys for businesses with several employees to mid size and large complex industrial manufacturing accounts. We will provide descriptive recommendations if needed and develop a service plan for corrective actions that compliment production schedules.