Insurance Loss Control

Risk Assessment and Risk Control

Loss Control Surveys

A Loss Control Consultant performs inspection visits and prepares underwriting reports for insurance purposes. Insurance companies use the reports to properly assess risk exposures to insure business operations for a new policy or renewal of a current policy.

The Loss Control Surveys generated by us will provide insurance underwriters data on an Insured’s, or prospective Insured’s, operations, loss potentials, controls that exist and the probability of securing the elimination of any undesirable or substandard conditions noted.

Loss Control Surveys vary in design and scope with each carrier/broker. Some are very detailed while others may be brief recaps of the Loss Control Consultant's opinions. .

A Loss Control Survey is defined as a report containing analysis of a company's operations with a focus on occupational injury and illness exposures. The Loss Control Consultant utilizes a combination of loss data, injury statistics and site visit details to accumulate information for the Loss Control Survey. If warranted, the survey will contain recommendations designed to help the company reduce workers' compensation losses.

The most significant part of the Loss Control Survey is often contained in the recommendations section. Recommendations, if warranted, are developed to counteract issues discovered in the process of developing the Loss Control Survey. Specific, well-defined recommendations can offer a useful service plan that will provide the Insured cost-effective strategies to reduce work-related injuries and illnesses.

As your Loss Control Representative, we will contact the Insured and schedule an appointment to visit their location(s). Through interviewing the Insured’s contact person(s), physically inspecting the location(s), and taking photographs, our consultants will gather information based on our Client's report format.