Human Factors and Ergonomics

Clerical, Administrative, Excecutives (Office)

Office employees are predominantly at there workspace between 6 to 8 hours each workday. Their work remains constant and becomes repetitive. Without the proper setup, an employee may suffer from strains and sprains, which can result in a lost time injury. Computing with comfort is possible. InFocus can assist your office employees find comfort in productivity.

Customer Service (Non-Profits)

Non-profits and Customer Service positions are not always consistent. Each request from a customer will require a different reaction and response. In this environment, ergonomics is not just a focus on several tasks, but a focus on the operation as a whole. Making an operation flow smoothly and effortlessly through ergonomics and process mapping will ensure employees will be at their best. InFocus can provide recommendations on process flow and equipment placement.

Cashiers, Teachers, Doctors, Dentists (Service)

Professionals such as cashiers, teachers, doctors, and dentists are service professionals. They provide a service within their expertise. Their work are repetitive and time sensitive. These professionals will find themselves working continuously throughout the day with each demand. InFocus can assist these professionals in finding a system that works for them in their environment. We will train them on stretching techniques that can be done in-between services, and discuss behavioral changes as well as technological changes that can minimize their movement.

Carpentry, Roofing, Masonry, Electrical (Contractors)

The Construction Industry is a labor force industry that encompasses numerous trades. One thing in common amongst the trades is the strenuous work and the unpredictable working conditions. Each jobsite is different and each job scope is laid out differently. However the actual work will be similar and repetitive. InFocus can partner with these trades to show them how ergonomics can be improved through preplanning, job rotation, and housekeeping.