Loss Control Surveys

Construction Industry


At InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc., we have a strong understanding of the impact a strong safety and loss control culture can have on a company or construction project. Loss control and safety is essential to the well being of craft personnel on all construction jobsites. California regulations on the Construction Industry, Title 8, may be overwhelming to any company working in California. The increase in regulations must equal the increase in worker awareness. We at InFocus have made this a priority.

We are trusted by clients for providing the highest quality risk management and loss control solutions in a broad spectrum markets. By leveraging our wealth of technical knowledge and depth of expertise, we are able to offer individual attention and specialized loss control service to each one of our clients. At InFocus, we consider our ability to provide contemporary safety support and solutions our most valuable asset.

Our qualified Loss Control Consultants perform standardized or custom loss-control surveys for insurance agents, brokers and carriers. These surveys are used to identify contractors exhibiting an upward loss trend and to prescreen prospect's safety programs. InFocus will provide recommendations and solutions to assist contractor's loss control efforts.

Contractors seeking insurance coverage may also benefit from the same surveys by using them to promote their safety successes.

Because we have extensive experience in loss control and working with insurance carriers, we understand what each company needs to do to satisfy insurance companies and lower their costs. Our custom loss-control surveys provide a detailed examination of your loss trends, operations, and safety culture. We call attention to deficiencies, make recommendations for improvement, and identify opportunities for effective safety training.

Loss Control Surveys vary in design and scope. Some are very detailed while others may be brief recaps of the opinions of the creator of the report. Loss Control Surveys have been traditionally prepared by Loss Control representatives of insurance companies (or their representatives). Often, the costs associated with the preparation of these surveys are included in a company's workers' compensation premiums.

Our Loss Control Survey is defined as a report containing analysis of a company's operations with a focus on occupational injury and illness exposures. Our Loss Control Consultants utilizes a combination of loss data, injury statistics and site visits to accumulate information for the Loss Control Survey. If warranted, the Consultant will provide recommendations designed to help the contractor reduce workers' compensation losses.

The most significant part of the Loss Control Survey is often contained in the recommendations section. Recommendations, if warranted, are developed to counteract issues discovered in the Loss Control Survey. Specific, well-defined recommendations can offer a useful action plan that will provide the company cost-effective strategies to reduce work-related injuries and illnesses.

InFocus also provides follow-up services to assist in developing and implementation of recommendations as part of the Loss Control Service Plan.