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InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc. Loss Control Consulting Helps Your Insureds Reduce Their Losses

The successful Loss Control Consultant in the insurance industry are defined as professionals who work in a collaborative business environment, advising clients and exercising specialized skills in representing, handling and managing all matters with their insurers. Their goal is to fully understand each of their client's businesses and interests, so they can manage the insurance program successfully without incurring unnecessary costs.

InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc. believes in this philosophy and have been successful through implemenation. We are committed to evaluating your Insured's risks and providing risk management solutions.

To ensure growth and success, we assist you in minimizing your "Total Cost of Risk." The Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) includes the following factors: Risk Financing (Insurance Premiums) Direct Cost Loss, Indirect Loss Costs, Administrative Expenses and Taxes/Fee.

InFocus Loss Control Consulting Saves Money

Utilizing proactive loss control and loss prevention consulting services can lead to a reduction in insurance costs. In fact, controlling losses at the source remains the most effective way to contain insurance costs. Insurance Carriers who contracts loss control consulting services from InFocus will help their Insureds minimize the cost of risk, the cost of accidents & injuries, and the lost in productivity from accidents.

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InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc. has the capabilities to perform independent loss control consulting services to Insureds of all sizes. Our goal is to establish a working partnership with our preferred Insurance Carriers, to provide the best utilization of carrier loss control services the Insureds has ever experienced.

InFocus Helps Insureds Reduce Their Losses

  • Loss control consulting services start by identifying and evaluating risks to life and property through a technical review of operations.

  • Comprehensive evaluations of safety and property protection management systems are conducted.

  • Practical risk control programs tailored to safety and property protection are defined/developed.

  • Claims management on all existing claims and new claims.

  • Provide guidance to prevent recurrence of loss.

  • Analyze loss experience and propose appropriate management actions.