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We Are The Best In What We Do

InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc. is a team of technical professionals who identify, develop and deliver customized risk control strategies, representing Brokers & Agents, to their clients. We cultivate relationships with your clients by researching and understanding their business. We offer strategic thinking to advance safety and loss prevention through Behavioral Based Safety, making safety a decision the employees make. Our clients enjoy our customized service plans because we understand their business and we provide a value based approach. Overall, our team provides Brokers & Agents access to a knowledgeable and experienced safety/loss prevention team.

InFocus Safety Solutions, Inc. employs quality consultants. Each individual was handpicked for their knowledge within their industry sector and for their problem solving skills.

Our Loss Control Consultants have actually worked in the industries that they serve; for example, Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Technology, Hotel, Retail, Grocers, Non-Profits, Assisted Living Facilities, Medical, and more. Additionally, InFocus employs personnel with unique skill sets such as Fire Protection, Crisis Management, Industrial Hygiene, and Ergonomics. The result is that our Broker & Agent Partners have access to advisors who have actually worked in the industry and who have advanced degrees and certifications.

Loss Control Services To Brokers & Agents

InFocus understands that all accounts are in need of Loss Control Services, either by resource materials and/or Loss Control Service Plans. In response, InFocus has created Loss Control Service Packages for all size accounts. InFocus would like to provide its preferred agents and brokers the opportunity to allow us to become an extension of your Loss Control Department..

Contracting Loss Control service work through InFocus offers two major benefits:

  • Provides our preferred Brokers & Agents a foundation for loss frequency and severity reduction through the implementation of our customized risk management programs and training modules.

  • Creates a team approach to risk management by enabling us to become more knowledgeable about an account's risk management philosophy, safety practices, and procedures.